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Well, let’s see. I am the proud father of two adorable – what? yes, you can have a popsicle – two adorable children. I’ve been writing since – yes, you can go outside if mom says she will go out with you – writing since – because daddy’s busy right now – since junior high school. I seem to have had – no, you may not throw the truck at the cat – every job under the sun.

I like to write poetry, short stories, and – because we don’t throw things at the cat – and novels. I work in science fiction and fantasy – no, it is not okay to throw things at the dog – of all kinds. When I have time. Wait, what was the question? You’ll have to talk to my wife. She keeps everything organized.

I love board games, watching period dramas with my wife (brownie points there), playing and watching football, and making salsa and chili.

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